Anglican Cowgirls, Anglican Cowboys

The best unknown Canadian writer I ever knew left me these manuscripts when he passed away.

a portrait of the author, Robert  Thompson, by me


When There Were Tigers by Rocky Green

I fiddle with this story off and on. I always lived alongside writers and just as they’d tend to take up a sketchbook after a while with me, I’d write, to understand mechanics and the tempo of our days and to have something to submit for discussion. The story is a murder mystery of sorts, more concerned with notions of justice and suspicions than with the attainment of justice. I’m working on it. For some reason I like to work on this on line. Keeps me humble.


tom's airstream

Pig Town, speculative fiction by Rocky Green

This writing is dark, I suppose, though I take great joy from writing it , more than I did from painting this past long winter. This takes journal form, sometime after the apocalypse. Few survive to build lives and those who do are torn between holding to past ways and values and cutting loose as entirely from the obsolete as they can do. Neither way is perfectly achievable. This book looks at love in the same interstitial place.

It has gay content, explores slave play, fair warning.

I’m out in the woods without internet about half the time and get to tinker with wordpress when I have time in the studio in town, and I’m proofreading on line here so bear with me,

Thank you for your interest here.




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